Corporate Profile

Our Mission

RENOVA's mission is to create green and sustainable energy systems for a better world


Corporate Overview

Name: RENOVA, Inc. (origin of RENOVA)
Established May 30, 2000
Capital ¥1,986 million
(May 31, 2018)
Sales ¥11,740 million (consolidated, year ended May 2018)
Assets \65,713 million (consolidated, May 31, 2018)
Employees 128 (consolidated, May 31, 2018)
Business Development and operation of renewable power plants
Major affiliates RENOVA Asset Management, Inc.
Suigo-Itako Solar Co., Ltd.
Futtsu Solar Co., Ltd.
Kikugawa-Ishiyama Solar Co., Ltd.
Kikugawa-Horinouchiya Co., Ltd.
Kokonoe Solar TK
Nasushiobara TK
United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.
Ozu Solar TK
Karumai West Solar TK
Karumai East Solar TK
Yokkaichi Solar TK
Nasukarasuyama Solar TK
Karumai-Sonbou Solar TK
Kanda Biomass Energy K.K.
2-2-1 Kyobashi, Chuoku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan

Message from the CEO

Management Team

Company History

Recent Events
May Construction begins for Karumai Sonbou Solar
February Changed markets from Mothers Section to First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
February Construction begins for Nasukarasuyama Solar
April Construction begins for Karumai East Solar
February Listed on TSE Mothers
April Commercial operation begins for Ozu Solar
May Construction begins for Karumai West Solar
Third party allotment of ordinary shares to Sumitomo Forestry
August Divests plastic recycling business
February Construction begins for Ozu Solar
Commercial operation begins for Kikugawa-Horinouchiya Solar and Kikugawa-Ishiyama Solar
May Commercial operation begins for Kokonoe Solar
September Commercial operation begins for Nasu-Shiobara Solar
January Company renamed RENOVA, Inc.
February Commercial operation begins for Suigo-Itako Solar
Construction begins for Kokonoe Solar
June Construction begins for Nasu-Shiobara Solar
August Commercial operation begins for Futtsu Solar

Commitment to Compliance

RENOVA will conduct operations in compliance with all laws and regulations as well as with social and ethical guidelines for behavior.